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Our goal is to help our patients every step of the way to oral health and provide them with treatments that meet all their needs. We are constantly developing the services we offer and strive to get the best quality and long-term good results.


Examination and diagnostics

Caries diagnosis and diagnosis of gingivitis and periodontitis, assessment of oral mucosa, jaw function and existing prosthetic constructions


Prosthetics and filling therapy

This service has been a key to our success, and most of our customers use it often. When it comes to the services we offer, you can count on us to take care of your needs. We are proud of the customer service we offer and guarantee that you will enjoy working with us. Tell us how we can be of help.


Acute toothache

We do our research, find the problem, and then solve it in the fastest and best possible way.


Dental hygienist

Brushing and polishing of teeth. Treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis and periimplantitis and mechanical infection treatment for periodontal problems and diagnostics. There is also Air-Flow. Air-Flow is a very effective way to clean your teeth and get rid of discoloration. A dental hygienist brushes and polishes your teeth. The treatment takes about 40-50 minutes and is completely painless. Your smile gets whiter.




Implant We have extensive experience of implant treatments and implant prosthetics. Implant planning is a very important part of the treatment. With the help of tomography (3D X-ray) at the clinic, we choose the right implant. Then an appointment is made for implant surgery, and we guide you all the time and help with everything including pre- and post-treatment to achieve optimal results.

You have to wait a few weeks after the operation with the prosthesis. A temporary prosthesis is used during that time. Then we use 3D scanning with 3SHAPE intraoral scanner in the mouth and get a 3D image of your teeth and gums. It is sent to a dental laboratory and crowns are manufactured in 2 weeks. For the patient who has no teeth at all, it usually takes a little longer because it is necessary to test temporary crowns first.


What our customers think of us

Johanna Lindskog

Fantastic treatment from the beginning! Am super happy with the result and I felt very safe to have surgery there. Could not have chosen a better clinic. Definitely going back, highly recommended 🙂

Angell. N.

Anna Nord is one of the most caring and responsible dentists! She makes the impossible to save a tooth that others wouldn't! Both Christer and I are very happy to have her as our dentist! Thanks Anna!

Johan Martinsson

Visited the clinic with an acute problem and have received help quickly and easily. The dentist Roger is nice and professional. I am very happy and recommend everyone

James Kukula

I was at Tandläkare Anna Nord, both for examination, root canal treatment, to make a bridge and several crowns. I was treated very nicely, and the treatments were very good! 
Bridge still lasts after 3 years.
I recommend

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